About Us

A Little About Me

Hi My name is Marc, I have over 25 years of Auto and Insurance knowledge. I have committed to be one of the best out there into the auto and insurance fields. I had been trained by numerous insurance companies within hours not weeks or months of training. Have worked with the best people out there to get me at the cream of the crop. By providing excellent customer service. You are my goal. I love what I do! I care and passionate about what I do. I do not want anyone getting ripped off. Its very important to me that I give you honest answers no matter what the case my be.


I started out in the auto paint side, learning that running a store can be fun. I had many customers that like anyone wanted to save money. But did not realize how much they were wasting. I showed them how by products and great services. I know BASF was my paint line. I was always told Marc by Mr. Baer’ that we are not like the rest. I want you to fly like an eagle not like a turkey. Be the best you can be as I am a very positive person. I flew like an eagle for Mr Baer’. He was like a father to me. He also let me know that BASF paint may be more expensive but its worth it. There are many good lines of paint out there. They all do there part in getting better products. Yes you do get what you pay for. So on that line reminds me of Mr Baer’ eagle.


I kept working for BASF moved to Washington D.C area and again worked for Bernie @ Superior Auto Paints. Only met him one time at a conference. After gaining quadrupling sales at the Rockville location. They moved me to the other side of D.C. Did you know it took me a hour to drive 15 miles to the Rockville location. When they transferred me to the other side of the loop. It took me 2 hours in the morning and two hours to get home. When I received a few calls from the body shops asking me to come on board. I resigned and moved into the body shop learning on how to write a complete estimate. 
I then learned everything I could met some very influential people and clients. I hated the bull that went along with the body shops. I wanted to do something else. But a SEC regional manager told me to build your reputation and be your best Marc. People will come back to you for information. They have sometimes I wonder about that but like everything else my brain does not forget things. I want to be the best I can be trouble shoot help techs out. Provide better service than anyone else. That is the goal for me. Helping the owners and the techs in the body shop side. Same as the insurance side once people knew how much of a background that I had they flocked to my cubicle. As I told them how I feel about things and where and the who and what’s. I just do not understand why some shops are terrible and do not care and others really do! Same as the adjusters in the insurance side. But I never had a big head about things. Life is about having fun and loving what you do! To some having a argument about being right is the most important thing. My reputation and integrity mean the most to me.